'KDB금융그룹 2011 애뉴얼리포트'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2012.07.05 KDB Financial Group 2011 Annual Report
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KDB Financial Group, a leading financial holding company in Korea, partnered with Talantone Creative Group to convey their unique pioneering spirit in their new 2011 Annual Report. The cover contains “After the Rain”, an artwork by Chun Kyung Ja, the renowned Korean artist who is well known for her creativity and innovation that extends beyond the conventional style of Oriental paintings. The imagery represents KDB Financial Group’s pioneering spirit, upon which the Group will establish its goal of becoming the ‘Pioneer Financial Group of Asia.’ We also made use of dynamic photographs of KDB employees to illustrate how the Group does its utmost to create a better future, overcoming the current turbulent times and growing in partnership with all of its stakeholders.


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