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  1. 2013.07.30 Top Annual Report Agency of 2012 by LACP
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작년에 이어 올해에도 탈란톤이 또다시 LACP VIsion Awards 선정, Top Annual Report Agency로 뽑혔습니다. 세계랭킹에서는 Honors를 유지하였고, AP지역에서는 전년도의 Bronze에서 Gold로 껑충 뛰어 올랐습니다. 2012 Vision Awards에서 탈란톤은 제일모직 기업보고서 및 기아자동차, 대한항공, 동아, KDB금융그룹 연차보고서에서 금상을, 한국수출입은행 및 현대제철 연차보고서 동상을 수상한 바 있습니다.    


We are very excited to announce that Talantone was selected as one of the ‘Top Annual Report Agencies of 2012’ by the 2012 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, recording 98 average annual report score. We got Honors for worldwide winners category, and we are also a Gold award winner for the AP region. At the 2012 LACP Vision Awards, we received Gold Awards for Cheil Industries, Dong-A, KDB Financial Group, Kia Motors and Korean Air, and Bronze Awards for Korea Eximbank and Hyundai Steel.

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